How do I re-run payroll process for specific employees?

You might want to re-run or reprocess the payroll for few employees due to one of the following reasons

  1. They were assigned the wrong CTC
  2. Their payroll inputs (like attendance, variables, encashment, etc) were added incorrectly
  3. Their arrear inputs were miscalculated
  4. There are changes to be made in the employee's tax amount
  5. You want to put the employee's salary on hold for that month

Or there could be other reasons too. To reprocess the employee you need to first remove employees from the processed payroll.

  1. Click on Payroll >> Run payroll to open payroll dashboard
  2. The upcoming month is selected by default. You can click on a different month card to access another month if you wish to make any changes to it
  3. Scroll down to the payroll month summary card. Here click on the View Payroll button to access the Payroll Actions Dashboard
  4. In the Run Payroll section click the Remove Employees From Payroll link. This will be visible only if the payroll for the future months is not processed. If you want to rerun payroll for previous months you will have to clear payrolls of the subsequent months too as this affects the tax calculations. Therefore it is not advisable to rerun the past month's payroll.
  5. Select the employees on the next page & scroll down & click the Rerun Employees button
  6. You can even upload the list of employees to be rerun via Actions >> Upload employee list to rerun
  7. Once the is completed you may go to the employee directory to update their CTC or go to the payroll actions dashboard to rectify the inputs
  8. Once the changes are completed, you can process the employee's payroll as earlier.

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